Ask Babe: Lez Be Honest

Dearest Babe,

My close friend confided in me that she keeps having lesbian dreams about us. I’ve never seen her as more than a friend and I thought she thought the same of me. Should I be worried? I’m embarrassed to admit that I was initially flattered when she told me this but now I’m having second thoughts. Are these dreams normal? And if so, why don’t I have these dreams?! On another note, I want to let you know that I idolize you and long to lead a life as chic as yours. Love you, mean it!



Anne Heche,

You should absolutely feel flattered. Someone having a sex dream about you means that your karmic vibes are oscillating at a higher rate than normal, and your aura is fire engine red (according to my Shaman, Steve). Take it as a compliment, move on with your life, and be glad that you have a girlfriend who’s probably willing to pose as your lesbian lover in the event that you need to drive a guy (or girl) you have a crush on totally insane with jealousy.

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