Ask Babe: Look Who’s Coming To Dinner

Dear Babe,

So I just broke up with my boyfriend on monday because I found out he was gay/cheating on me with every guy at his gym. The worst part being that I was supposed to bring him home to meet my mom tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I cried for a about 12 hours and then went into problem solving mode. I went onto and found 3 guys named Chris (my ex’s name) and had dates with them over the past day. Two lunch dates and a drink last night. I actually liked two of the three and I even kissed one. My plan is to go out with one of them again tonight, and explain that I need him to come with me to Thanksgiving dinner.  Should I tell him the whole story or will I come off like the psycho that I am?

Love you,



Dear Claire Forlani,

I’m obsessed with you and your strength. Thanksgiving can defintely be about decieving your family and those whom you love.  My advice is that you should tell the ‘Chris’ that you like most the truth and see how he takes it. If he freaks out then just call ‘Chris’ numero dos and tell him a sob story. Make up something good. Maybe tell him that your ex died right after Thanksgiving and you can’t bear to go through the holiday alone. Guys eat that “broken girl” routine up.

As for your mom, get her drunk early and she’ll never even know the diff! Love that you found your new dudes on

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