Babe on Film: Unzipped

It was a rough Friday. I was reminded multiple times how shitty the current state of celebrities is. So I’m taking today to remember a time when things weren’t so terrible. Sometime in the early to mid 90’s, when modeling scouts somehow picked a dozen of the most beautiful women in the world and threw them on a runway and into ad campaigns until they became famous. The best account of those magical years in probably in Kate Moss’ new book, but the second best is in “Unzipped,” a documentary about Isaac Mizrahi shitting himself with worry over his 1994 collection until he realizes Naomi and Linda and Christy will be wearing it and everything will be fine.

I will be spending all day watching this and reading Kate Moss’ interview in Vanity Fair, trying to forget basically all of those models now have children.







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  1. Where The Style Things Are Avatar
    Where The Style Things Are

    um favorite movie ever.

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