Ask Babe: Mangina

Dear Babe,

So I recently found out my boyfriend of 4 years is transgendered but not gay. He claims he was meant to be born a lesbian and idolizes Megan Fox. He secretly likes to paint his nails, shave his legs and arm pits, wax his eye brows, wear women’s clothing and underwear, butt pads and fake boobs. Found all of this while searching for my Christmas presents after finding a $200 receipt for Victoria’s Secret. I’m having mixed feelings about this. I love him, but the manly him. He’s fucking gorgeous and can fix anything. After I found out, we discussed it and fought like a couple of bitches. He made me feel bad because I’m not “accepting of it” even though my brother, who is also my best friend, is gay… like really gay.

Can I love and accept his bitch side too? He just wants to get these “feelings” out of his system while he’s young and not old, hairy and wrinkly. He does it for himself and no one else; meaning he’s too scared and ashamed to go out in public dressed up. We have always discussed marriage, babies and how disgustingly rich he will be in the near future. Does this change the future? Is it a phase? An obsession? Am I a lesbian? I painted his toes black (his choice)- what have I become? I need your guidance Babe.



Dear Andrej’s Girlfriend,

I’m loving this whole scenario for you. I mean, if he really loves you and has given you everything that you need out of a relationship over the past 4 years, then I see no problem here. In fact, I am seeing a ton of potential positives.

Now that it’s out in the open you guys can share clothes, undergarments (although I encourage you both to steer clear of Victorias Secret in the future), makeup, hair products, and lotion. The thing I’m most jealous of in lesbian realtionships is the ability to double your wardrobe. Congrats on your unique solution. GO with this. I think it’s chic.

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