Ask Babe: New Lips

Dear Babe,

I’m mustering up the courage to write you while sitting alone in my dorm during finals weeks. I just think that my vagina looks weird/not normal. Maybe this is just me being self conscious, but anytime I’ve seen movies or pictures of others it makes me feel as though mine is not normal or attractive. And now I’m stressing. I mean my girlfriends and I don’t sit around comparing ours, I’ve never seen theirs and don’t particularly want to. I’m straight and have a boyfriend who I could never ask either. So what makes one “attractive” or not attractive?

Please assist my lost mind.





Why are you in my younger brain? Reading this was like looking at emails I wrote to myself in high school. You might know this and you might not, but about six years ago, I went under the knife for the sake of someone I loved. That person was my vagina, and she needed to be saved. It took me a literal lifetime to find a doctor who spoke my language as far as labial fashions were concerned, but when I got my new lips I was a new woman. Totally worth it. If you firmly believe that your sweet spot isn’t as sweet as it should be, then it probably isn’t and you should find a way to get a new one. Pick up another shift at work for some extra cash or don’t ’cause you probably don’t work. Christmas is just around the corner…

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