Babe On Christmas Spirit

Can I just take a moment? Can I just take one moment for some compassion on Christmas day? Can I feel warmth in my heart? Can I just be a nice person for one, very short moment? I’m not asking permission to do this, I’m literally asking the universe. Is it possible for me to be a good person? Even for like, ten minutes? Am I a bad person? I walk through my life under the assumption that I’m a good person who happens to be plagued and diseased by the world of gossip, jealousy, and obesity around me. But maybe I contribute to these evils?

Today, as I’m unwrapping my fifty-eighth Barneys box from under the tree, I’ll be wondering whether or not me being alive is a good thing, and that’s what christmas is all about…

Merry Christmas to all of my psychos. I hope all of your lives are worth something but the truth is, it doesn’t really matter to me.

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