My Boyfriend: Charlize Theron

Yes, I’m aware of the anatomical contradictions here.  But being attracted to that combination of buzz cut, gray roots, and jacket doesn’t make me feel gay at all.

Not that ladies wearing sunglasses and ready to kick someone’s ass at any moment inherently turns them into men, but Charlize is working a very particular brand of butch-chic here.  It’s half scary, all sexy, and I love it.  I know it’s for a role, but it is working.

(By the way, if Alexander Skarsgard isn’t still involved with this, he’s an idiot.)

The confidence on display here is palpable.  Take note, Anne Hathaway.  Releasing your ladyparts on the world’s cameras in a panicked move to confirm your gender is not how to work your boyhair moment. This is.

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