Old Friends

The holidays put you back in contact with all sorts of people you’re not used to interacting with anymore. Say you’ve made a good life for yourself in some city where you can relax and be yourself enough that you still look 19, even if you’re closer to 25. Then, December 8th hits and your family insists “We have to see you for Christmas or we’re taking back that Bentley we gave you for your birthday that you never thanked us for.”

Honestly, just give up the Bentley, but if you want to brave your various relatives, that’s up to you. Those are your battles. But those land mines are nothing when compared to the far more insidious something you’ll encounter if you return to whence you originated: Old Friends. Old Friends are friends you grew up with and subsequently grew out of.

Old Friends knew you at your most confused and misguided.

Old Friends saw you do horrible things to yourself.

Old Friends probably still don’t like your boyfriend.

Old Friends haven’t moved on the way YOU’VE moved on.

Old Friends insist it won’t be the same without you, even if you don’t want to be there.

Old Friends are embarrassing.

Old Friends aren’t impressed by your new friends.

Old Friends make you love and hate your past.

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