Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

That’s right. I’m gonna go there. Because you know what? I went there in my head already and it shocked my core so violently that I had to tell someone about it. So here goes me praying for Lindsay Lohan.

I am genuinely worried about you, Lindsay.

I personally believe that we should all have the right to choose which celebrities to endorse. I mean emotionally, spiritually, cosmically, you get it.  And to be honest, you lost my faith a while back. I chose not to take your journey with you. However, I laughed when everyone laughed , I pointed at your hair when everyone pointed at your hair, and there was that time I clipped the mirror on your Porsche with my boyfriend’s Porsche and I heard you kinda cried about it in front of the club later. I’ve just never seen anything like you. Besides me. We aren’t so different when you think about it. Just two girls who both think that they can’t die. Which brings me to the reason why I dragged myself out of a private Bikram spin class to write this post.

I am sorry and I’m worried. I hate myself for being this vulnerable in front of you, Lindsay,  but a native friend of mine once told me that being honest keeps the skin around your neck youthful and tight. It’s actually true, hers looks like a satin clutch.

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