Ask Babe: Baby I Like It Rough

Dear Babe,

Me and my boyfriend are both really into rough sex. He pulls my hair, slaps me, strangles me, calls me his bitch and spanks me so hard that I have hand shaped bruises on my ass. Is this approved psycho behavior or am a full-blown psychotic sex-crazed maniac who should see a shrink for my daddy issues and go to nympho rehab? I’m kinda worried for myself but I really like it so I shouldn’t have to calm down just because society wants to make me feel dirty, right?



Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen,

As long as you’re both into it/enjoying yourselves, have as much rough sex as you want. There’s nothing wrong with finding your soulmate psycho who’s into the same weird shit that you’re into. Aren’t we all just looking for a Heath Ledger lookalike who’ll fuck us while we’re sleeping? Don’t we all just want to be thrown around by 90’s Johnny Depp? Isn’t life’s purpose to have a one night stand with Joaquin Phoenix where he strangles you a little bit while telling you how hard his dick is? I think so.

Don’t let the world make you feel weird about it. What you do with your BF behind closed doors is your business, but if you want to film it and send me a copy of your sex tape, I’d be more than happy to watch it for you/provide feedback. And if you guys break up anytime soon, be a sweetheart and give him my email address.

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