Ask Babe: My Second Child

Dearest Chic One,

Is there a sequel coming out? I’ve already read White Girl Problems so many times that I’ve memorized the stories. I practically feel like I grew up in Los Angeles with Gen and Roman and Mabinty! I want your life, so please tell me more about it.

Love you, mean it!



Dear Stalker,

Writing a book, for me, feels like what having a baby feels like for other women. You gain weight, you sweat, you cry, a lot of stuff happens involving your vagina. Then, in the end you have this little tiny piece of you that’s been pushed out into the world and can never be put back inside…actual babies are easier to kill than ebooks, trust. Plus, it has your name all over it. It’s so emotionally draining. (I’ve taken 3 valium since I started writing this paragraph)

To answer your question a little more directly: Let’s just say that I’m writing stuff down. I keep a cracked, white, iPhone 4s in my bag or car at all times so that I can jot down notes and affirmations along my journey of life. I can’t confirm or deny that it will all make sense as a book, but I will say that my life has been a literal (pun intended) poop show since last I wrote a book. Lucky for you, that means I have some kind of amazing stories to tell.

Stay tuned.

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