Lanvin PreFall 13: That Night

Alber Elbaz’s PreFall ’13 roundup gave me lots of feelings. It was a bit of a shitshow after the presentation yesterday at Milk Studios (my fave!), but I think he told me that his inspo had something to do with the zoo(?). I wasn’t sure if he meant zoo as in zoo or zoo as in something chic. Either way, it was much less “zoo” to me than it was “weird party where you end up almost getting pregnant.” I LOVED it. 

You can’t remember if the party is for someone’s birthday, someone’s boyfriend’s birthday, someone’s dog’s birthday, someone’s dog’s untimely death, or if it’s a party that you yourself organized for no reason but forgot about until your intern reminded you about it that morning…so you show up in something sensible and easy.

Everyone at the party is approx 5 years older than you want them to be. No one looks familiar besides one of the hot bartenders who might be your cousin? Where are you? 

And you’re freezing.

Oh my god, your ex-therapist is here. You never apologized for vomiting in his office (and bolting) that time in 2009. Look cool. Look adult. Keep your shit together. Put down the vodka rocks in your hand. Stare at a wall.

Oh wait, that’s not even him. Thank God. Coast is clear. Is that bartender looking at you?

And then somehow it’s the next morning and your shoes are gone.






3 responses to “Lanvin PreFall 13: That Night”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    Did somebody spill their drink on you, psycho? I actually quite liked this post. Not even one mention about HowAboutWe. LOL

  2. Raquel Avatar

    “Albert” Elbaz? Seriously??

  3. Veronika Kostrouchova Avatar
    Veronika Kostrouchova

    next morning and your shoes are gone?? WORST nightmare! I love my shoes too much for that ever happening to me though one of my friends once left a party, went home, passed out at her neighbors’ and the next morning realized she only had one shoe…

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