Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

We’re embarking on yet another year of breakdowns, breakups, breakthroughs and broken iPhones and from where I sit (my room at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, I needed to be freezing for a few days), it’s gonna be a strange yet enlightened year. My current aura is white. The horizon is vast. 2013 is the year I finally hatch into the next iteration of my self, a baber Babe.

Speaking of hatching…

Today, I pray that this moment (below), brought to you by Faye Dunaway and a hard-boiled egg, is as moving to all of you as it is for me. I used to watch this for breakfast when I was super hungover, but now I juice, so I kinda forgot about it. Then the other day I was craving eggs again and I knew exactly what to consume instead.

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