Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

Does any one else feel like the new year has brought with it an ugly sense of dread in people? It’s like, we’re supposed to be happy because new years are new opportunities and new opportunities are new chances to reclaim that sense of innocence you lost when you did molly with Jared Leto for the first time. But instead, everyone I know has felt the need to engage me in their pity fests. Today alone, I’ve heard a friend say both “I’m already over this year,” and “I thought this would be the year I stopped hating myself.”  I guess people had high expectations for 2013, but give yourself a sec. Come up for air. Suck on an ice cube. Tell someone they lost weight even though they totally have not. Do things that make you feel good, and I promise you, the universe will deliver. I used to feed off people’s sad, dark lives, but for some weird reason this negative outlook is more annoying than satisfying.

Here’s a Pucci ad from ’91 for your nerves:







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  1. Matthew Avatar

    Lady Miss Kier is EVERYTHING, Babe. Be right back, going to go smoke weed and sage my apartment while playing Music Selector is the Soul Reflector on continuous repeat. Naked.

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