The New Kale

I don’t eat.  But if I do, for some reason, I need to know that I’m eating a friend.  And lately, I’ve been looking for one or two more friends.  This doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon green juice and lemon water, but on those occasions that I take in calories, I’d like a little bit of variety.  Here are some candidates for the kale of 2013:

Brussels Sprouts

These are secretly the world’s tiniest heads of lettuce.


This fruit is basically a coconut but without the abuse of being used in cakes and blended drinks.


I predict this year people finally start appreciating beet juice.


Watercress is like arugula but with a better attitude.

Butter Lettuce

I promise only the name is disgusting.


No idea what these are but they taste like nothing and are worth zero calories.

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