Ask Babe: Nails Nails Nails

Dear Babe,

Recently I’ve been seeing more and more people with those pointy shaped nails. While I think they are ugly, witchy and cat-like 95% of the time, the other 5% of the time I think that they could be wearable. What are your thoughts?


P.S. – Absolutely adore your book.


Unclear nails person,

If you’re going to go down this treacherous road, there are a few guidelines:

1) Do a classic color and experiment with patterns. Nudes, reds, blacks, in a half moon or an unexpected French tip situation, are all acceptable. Hot pinks, actual white French tips and leopard print anything is a never.

2) Have a friend/member of your security detail on call and available to send emails and text for you, since your typing skills will inevitably be hindered  be able to successfully type anything into your phone.

I prefer to go au natural in the nail department, because I think this look is best left to the Rihannas and Lana del Reys of the world. I mean, if you’re going to to a dramatic nail, it needs to gel with the rest of your image. Like I don’t really think someone like Rumer Willis could pull this off. Wait…Rumer is this you?

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  • jesus

    your grammar is actually deplorable

    • mary

      People who insist on going on about incorrect grammar are usually sadly talentless and the worst at spelling themselves.

      • jesus

        you make an excellent point. luckily i’m incredibly talented and a fucking boss at spelling.

  • Joseph

    Mary stop being so critical of your son. Jesus, don’t talk back to your mother.
    I’m tied of having to mediate these arguments between the two of you!

    • jesus

      father…. always the voice of reason…

  • Clare

    I’m sorry, since when should improper grammar be acceptable? Especially in a popular(ish) blog?

    And OP: You’re too late on the nail trend.