♥ Barneys

I landed in NYC for Fashion Week on Tuesday night and went straight to Barneys for a private dinner at Fred’s, which is where you’re supposed recharge with a slice of spelt bread if you get faint on their shoe floor.

The dinner was heaven. It was basically myself, Simon Doonan, Tomoko Ogura, some other people with hair and tops on, the chic Barneys PR girls and a shit load of vino. We laughed, we cried, we looked at what was new and exclusive to Barneys for spring, we ate salads, people ate chicken, I looked at a plate of chicken in front of me, we lied to each other about how busy we’ve all been. It was sooo much fun. Anyone who knows me, reads my blog, or has  my book, knows what a deep connection I have with Barneys, so how could it not have been?

It was great to see my boyfriend, Simon and his Céline, as it’s been months since we last ran into each other at the gyno, which was embarrassing for us both. Here are some of their exclusive spring moments that I’m feeling:

These Penelope Chilvers Sneaks

Dries for Days… (Desk To Dinner, as Simon would say)

Saint Laurent

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