Musique Babe: Brooke Candy

Has Brooke Candy popped up on anyone else’s radar lately? I swear, she’s performing every time I go anywhere gay with Roman. This usually means someone is about to blow up. She’s cunty, shiny, and persistent in her quest to make scasty (scary/nasty) the future of chic. If Courtney Stodden fucked Ke$ha, you would have this psycho, and to continue with my hypothetical breeding scenario, two negatives would kind of make a positive. I don’t hate you, Brooke Candy. I think you’re annoying but you know that you’re annoying because being annoying is your thing, which makes you less annoying and me the annoying one, which I hate. So, I guess I do hate you. You suck.


But like, do we though?

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