Musique Babe: Brooke Candy

Has Brooke Candy popped up on anyone else’s radar lately? I swear, she’s performing every time I go anywhere gay with Roman. This usually means someone is about to blow up. She’s cunty, shiny, and persistent in her quest to make scasty (scary/nasty) the future of chic. If Courtney Stodden fucked Ke$ha, you would have this psycho, and to continue with my hypothetical breeding scenario, two negatives would kind of make a positive. I don’t hate you, Brooke Candy. I think you’re annoying but you know that you’re annoying because being annoying is your thing, which makes you less annoying and me the annoying one, which I hate. So, I guess I do hate you. You suck.


But like, do we though?



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16 responses to “Musique Babe: Brooke Candy”

  1. Victor Avatar

    Liked her until I saw her at Santos last Friday, she was dreeeeadful live

  2. kookoo Avatar

    Omg this is nicki minaj-post skin bleaching procedure.

  3. maggiemay5938 Avatar

    This is completely vile. And not even in a love to hate kind of way. Her weave looks like she sewed it in herself… With a blind fold on… and I cant even begin to process how I feel about her “music”. Ew, I feel the need to take a shower after watching this.

  4. Emily Avatar

    What I don’t even

  5. dani Avatar

    loves it

  6. Scarlett Avatar

    she was in the grimes video for genesis.

  7. snax Avatar

    dreadful. her voice sounds like tila tequila. *vom*

  8. kimmmm Avatar

    No Babe. She is tres’ gross. We DON’T like her.

  9. notthathilton Avatar

    The only reason I made it through more than a few seconds of that was because I was so intrigued by the fact that she was wearing live baby chameons as accessories. I’d rather watch a movie about wal mart than ever see that again. So not chic.

  10. Jenise Spiteri Avatar

    Trying wayyy too hard.

  11. Rose Avatar

    Really? she should be allowed.

  12. t Avatar

    What why are all these basic bitches hating I mean let her do her thing or whatever

    Not all female musicians have to be Rihanna

  13. Jesse Suphan Avatar

    I dont know what she is talking about. I am just mad that she has more finger lizards then me.

  14. olive Avatar

    I liked Genesis, but the lyrics to this are grating. I also love chameleons probably one of the most badass pets ever but those babies looked pretty uncomfortable on her body.

  15. Yerani_km Avatar

    I was intrigued by this until her National Geographic tits flung themselves across my screen. Not ok as least give a 3 second advance warning for that shit

  16. Emma Avatar

    You are not Willow Smith. Stop whipping your hair.

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