Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

Someone told me that the Super Bowl is today. It must’ve been my gay, 7 year old cousin, Jedediah. His nanny brought him over to my house yesterday to pick up the birthday present I had waiting for him. I got him what he asked for: the Céline, 3-way clutch purse in black. He was thrilled about the Céline and was also pretty thrilled about Beyoncé’s half-time show, which I guess will take place during the Super Bowl, which I guess is today?

I know Our Lady Knowles has been under some pressure lately about not singing when she was supposed to be singing. My opinion/my prayer for this Sunday is simple: this lipsyncing drama is NBD.

So, she might not have been singing and I understand that she’s a singer, so we expect her to sing. Fine. But can we focus for just one forgiving moment on all the things that Beyoncé did that day that we DIDN’T expect from her?

Did she have to choose such a hauntingly regal gown as the black, Pucci that she wore impeccably? No.

Was anyone disappointed in the croppy, capey, furry Dior coat? Nope.

Who was mad about the huge, Lorraine Schwartz emerald earrings? Actually, I was.

Did anyone call bullshit as B and J arrived looking nothing short of royal? Not at all. In fact, I teared up.

So, no matter what happens today during that weird sports show, let Beyoncé breathe. We only have a few celebrities that actually deserve to be famous, waste your time crying about someone else like Lindsay.


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