Year of the Snake

Over this past weekend it was Chinese New Year, and it’s now the Year of the Snake.  I immediately had to ask both my astrologer and my shaman (Steve) for some advice.  Chinese New Year is ALL about luck.  Luck can make your year totally amazing or absolutely terrible.

If you don’t take luck seriously, you can lose it for the whole year.  So here are some things to avoid in hope of preserving your luck:



Whole Milk

Backup Dancers

Outlet Sales (Online or in Person)

Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Birth Announcements

Lean Cuisine 

Remember – even coming into contact with these toxic elements can drain your luck.  So can cleaning your house or washing your hair.  Instead, sweep your insides with a juice cleanse and spend a good three to four hours in your steam room to keep your skin fresh.




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