You’re All Babettes

The following people need to get their shit together:


Look at that face and try to tell me she’s not a psycho.


When some people Babette the fuck out, they let their style reflect their frayed mental state. But not Rihanna. Honestly she’s never looked better, which makes me want to believe she’s okay, but you can’t fool me. She and Chris Brown make me feel a lot of feelings. None of them positive.

LeAnn Rimes

Getting an unexpected, unflattering haircut is classic Babette behavior. As is taking to the internet to show it off to the world.


Vanderpump Rules is the best show to watch when you need to remind yourself that there are people in Los Angeles whose lives are darker and scarier than yours will ever be. Case in point: Stassi. She’s never met a fledgling model/actor she didn’t love, and she has a thing for sequins, Herve Leger dresses and crying.

Ashlee Simpson

I don’t really need to explain this one. Just watch.

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