Ask Babe: Bling Ring?


I desperately need to know your opinion on Sofia Coppola’s new movie, The Bling Ring.

Thanks, keep up the good work.




Emma Watson,

Obviously I’m going to see this movie. I heard it’s kind of boring, and a lot of it takes place in closets, but you know what? I love closets and I love Sofia so I don’t really care if it’s a snoozefest.

Behold the trailer:

I mean, whatever. Have you ever seen Pretty Wild? If not, it’s a must. Alexis Neiers and Tess Taylor were two of my most major obsessions in 2010. This show is everything. If I were you I’d gear up for Bling Ring by watching the entire season of Pretty Wild on Netflix, on Xanax of course. Here’s a little taste.

And so it is.

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