Ask Babe: Escape From Winter

Dear Babe,

Winter is bringing me down. Give me a reason to live.




Bored, Cold, and Over It,

When I’m stuck in the depths of a chilly winter depression, I find that springy music is the fastest way to lift my spirits. Allow me to grant you the gift of hope with these three listening tips. After all, music is the only drug that doesn’t make you fat or homeless, so listen up!

1. Lorde – Love Club

This girl gave me a reason to wonder where in the world New Zealand was. Love this song like I love skinny dipping in hotel pools. It’s playful, slightly annoying, and perfect in every way.

2. Darq E. Freaker – Cherryade

Grow your hair to your tits, get high, listen to this on repeat as you sway naked in front of a full-length mirror.

3. Yelle – L’Amour Parfait

“Yelle” is French for “whatever.” Her music always manages to shake away any negativity from my day. Whether you know what she’s saying or not, the beat will speak to your soul.


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