Ask Babe: On Teeth


I followed your advice and went out with this super hot guy I met on HowAboutWe. Overall I think he’s a total catch. Polite. Sexy. Good job. The one problem is that he has really bad teeth. Deal breaker?

Do I want a second date?



Dear Whoever Is Married To Steve Bucemi,

Fucked up teeth are a totally workable issue. A WAY easier fix than any of the following: baldness, fatness, hairiness, blindness or a shrunken dick-ed-ness. Basically there are like a million different options that don’t include braces. EVERYONE in LA has had something done to their grill. Consult a dentist and pick the corrective measure that works best for your guy and his teeth situation.

The hard part is telling him. The key is to be quick and direct. I’d recommend something along the lines of, “I like you, but…your teeth scare me. Let’s fix it.”

In the end, you really have nothing to lose. If he doesn’t want to address this problem, move on or find a cosmetic dentist who will do it while your new man is sleeping.

Love that you are meeting people on HAW. Keep me posted.

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