Dressed to Impress

Here in LA, layering is a must, but we don’t have a real need for outerwear.  But it is so sunny and bright and vulnerable here that sometimes, for healing purposes, your outer layer needs to be your bed.  I thought there was no more innovation to be had since I realized that a small nest of particularly soft cashmere sweaters on the floor in your closet can work just as well.  But I was wrong.

Thanks to Celine’s fall 2013 collection, you can now take your cashmere nest with you.

Amazingly, you can get your gentle, pillow-like fix cut in a variety of ways – the chic oversized Jackie O coat, the mid-90’s Kurt Cobain tie around the hips, and of course, a quilt option for either a ski lodge or a wintry rehab setting.

This comes to me at the perfect time, as I’m in desperate need to get to my iPad Mini but can’t bring myself to leave my bed and I’m too weak to lift my blankets.  Thank you, Paris.  Fashion Week changes lives.


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