My Boyfriend: Harmony Korine

By now I’m sure you’ve all gotten really high and seen the neon slutfest that is Spring Breakers. So you know that whoever was behind that movie is really good at getting girls to look hot and disgusting and fun and skinny and fat, all at the same time. Harmony Korine, the director and my boyfriend, is nothing short of a mastermind when it comes to excavating the psycho from within a seemingly chaste prude, such as Selena Gomez. I simply want to say thanks to Harmony for including us all in his big joke. I mean, that movie was a joke right?

Also Harmony, when you read this, text me. I know I told you that you could keep that Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis sweater I lent you a few weeks ago because you were cold and we were on molly, but I’ve been re-accessing my approach to Fall ’13, and I’m gonna need that sweater for a few looks. Text me or just have it messengered, appreciate it.

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