Nudeness Rudeness

Someone just emailed me about something called the Naked News. Is anyone else disturbed/fascinated/confused by it?

It’s pretty clear none of these women can read. They claim to be “the world’s most gorgeous news team.” which is absurd – nonsensical – ludicrous – ridiculous – senseless – preposterous. However, these “reporters” really made me think (which is something Matt Lauer never does). We spend so much time drinking green juices, ellipticalling, lasering, and striving for the perfect nipple to breast ratio, yet we have relatively few opportunities to show off the fruits of our labor.

Maybe we shouldn’t wear clothes. Maybe we shouldn’t conform to some standard set by fat people in the early days of civilization.

On the other hand, I fucking love clothes and being naked all the time prevents one from wearing them (a truly important form of self expression). The clothes we choose, tell the world a lot about who we are. So to the anchors of Naked News: put your clothes back on. One of you is probably the next Hanne Gaby. JK. You’re not.



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