Ask Babe: Bonnaroo


I’m going to Bonnaroo! It’s hot, dirty, and overall not very chic. Please help me prepare mentally and physically.



Dear Muddy Boo Boo Child,

Although I’m not sure how I feel about your spending the weekend in a place where people trade livestock for wives, here are some tips for surviving music hell.

1. Erect a 20 square foot, air conditioned tent in the style of an Asian Versailles (if you’re going to take part in a backwoods orgy, you might as well be freezing cold, comfortable and surrounded by antique oriental/french furnishings while doing it).

2. Invest in a TempurPedic California King  (A good night’s sleep will make you look less like a hippie).

3. Charter a helicopter in case of drought/tornado (It’s always important to have a chic getaway plan, especially while in Tennessee).

4. Don’t go.

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