Proenza Proenza Proenza Forever

Viva Proenza Schouler! Viva la ressurection! Viva le chic!

The chic little fashion people at my home away from home, Barneys, decided it’d be a cute look to re-release PS’s first collection. But the truly insane thing is they’ve made their 2003 Collection even better with new fabrics and fits. Give yourself the gift of a piece of history and check out this collection that meant so much to me when I was just a baby Babe in the 10th grade, trying to convince everyone that Proenza was the future. It’s like, my life is just me telling people things and people thinking I’m lying. Whatever.

Anyways, now the whole world will understand. Thanks to Barneys and their chic/rude/odd/scary/major new window displays. See for yourself.

In other news, Isabel Marant is doing a collection for H+M and I’m asleep.

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