Ask Babe: Back To School


I’m transferring to USC in the fall (my third university, read that you went to four in your book and that gave me inspiration) and I’m wondering what the FUCK to wear. I’ve never lived in LA or anywhere with warm weather year-round. Help please! I don’t want to look like a loser/troll/outcast/Disney channel actress upon arrival! HELP

P.S. I love you



Future Disney Slore,

As much as I would like to tell you to invest in an all Rick Owens wardrobe come fall, let’s just be real. LA is where fashion goes to die a slow and painful death. The good news is you can wear anything you want, and the bad news is you can wear anything you want. So for now, I advise you to focus on the three B’s: boots, butt, bag.

Boots: I strongly urge you to invest in a pair of booties, even though I loathe the word “booties.” The more pairs you have, the better. Of course, you can buy the same ones that EVERYONE fucking has (Isabel Marant Dicker boots), or you can go off the beaten path with something like these cuties from Elizabeth & James. Or just do what I did and buy every color of the Rag & Bone Harrow Booties. Your call.

Butt: By “butt” I mean cutoffs, which should be easy enough to figure out, yet some people have the hardest time…

Yikes. You’re going to wear cutoffs in LA. It’s inevitable. But just remember that less is more in terms of destroyed denim. These ultra chic Rag & Bone’s are maj, and if you’re feeling super skinny, these Ksubi babes will not disappoint (I have them in regular and black). If you’re on a budget (which I hate for you) opt for a vintage-y pair of high-waisted Levi’s. But please just buy them/cut them up yourself, or have a designer friend do it for you. Every time a girl shops at an Urban Outfitters, an angel dies of AIDS.

Bag: Right now I’m really inspired by teeny purses, like this vintage Chanel mini bag that I may or may not buy this weekend, and this Givenchy micro nightingale satchel (I have one in every color). You could also be really rude and sport a mini Louis Vuitton speedyBut if you need to go larger, this Alexander Wang is to die, and this clear Chanel tote is everything. Always remember: your purse is your soul. Dress accordingly.

The only real good news about going to USC is that you’ll be close to the J Brand Outlet. Other than that, you’re pretty much screwed. If you can manage to stay west of Melrose and Fairfax when shopping, and you’ll be fine. I really must be going now. Bestowing fashion advice on the masses wears me the fuck out.

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