“Fuck You” Wedding Outfits With Giambattista Valli

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been invited to an ungodly amount of weddings this summer, mostly for people you don’t actually like/care about. This poses multiple problems. One being that you have to find something to wear that doesn’t take away from the bride, and two being that you have to find something to wear that doesn’t take away from the bride. I’m over it. And apparently so is Giambattista Valli, because he just put out a couture collection that was made to wear at other people’s weddings.

Like this little coat that says, “Congrats, assholes.”

Or this dress that says, “Instead of buying you something at Bed Bath and Beyond, I dressed up as a beautiful gift. You’re welcome.”

This outfit ensures that you won’t be hugging anyone, and vice versa.

Nothing says “don’t mind me, go ahead and get married,” like wearing a blood-red frock with a plunging neckline to your ex-boyfriend’s wedding to his new girlfriend.

Dressing like a chicer version of the flower arrangements is the ultimate “fuck you.”

Can you imagine showing up late to your best frenemy’s wedding in this color-blocked masterpiece? Major power move.

Why not wear this to your gay ex-boyfriend’s wedding ceremony:

And change into this for the reception:

Better yet, wear this and cry really, really loudly when he says “I do.”

This is the perfect dress for reading a 15 page original poem that you wrote during the toasts. High-impact.

And this dress will keep you extra comfortable if you fall asleep at any point during the ceremony.

I’m loving these future looks for myself. The only wedding I’ll ever truly care about is my own. Deal with it. 

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