Ask Babe: Job? Work? What?

Dear Babe, 

I’m kind of in career-limbo/the “What-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life” phase. Currently I’m at University studying Holistic Medicine, which I will complete, but I’m not really sure if I want to practice Holistic Medicine later on.

What kind of job options are there for a good-looking girl who doesn’t really want to work? Should I just become a personal trainer?



Dear Non-Career Girl,

The good news is we live in 2013, an age where you can literally get paid to do the dumbest shit. The bad news is, unless you’re inheriting at least 20 million from a dead relative in the next year or so, you will actually have to do something once you graduate “University.” P.S. – are you British? If so, chic.

Unless you have some sort of brilliant fitness idea like Tracy Anderson, I would highly discourage you against being a trainer. Helping fat people get thin can literally take years off your life. Here are some non-job ideas for you to think about:

1) Actress

2) Weather girl

3) Real Housewife

4) Psychic

On second thought, maybe you should consider actually doing something with your degree. I’m getting visions of you running a members-only Holistic Healing Center that offers an array of immune boosting shots, reflexology, an oxygen bar, and a really delish raw menu. If you end up actually doing this, please get in touch. If not, I’m sure I’ll see you on Bravo soon.

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