Ask Babe: Phone Home

Dear Babe,

I’m just moving into my new apartment and I need a landline to call Italy (I’m from Milan)…what’s a chic home phone to get?




Italian E.T.,

Thank you for being you. More people should own a landline, as they’re classic and graceful. Nothing says “It’s urgent” like calling someone at home. Also, if you don’t have a landline, you’re basically Sandra Bullock in Gravity: floating around in space with nothing to tether you to the world. Think about that.

I feel like there are two options when it comes to home phones. You either go retro or modern. Let’s start with some retro options: This Bauhaus phone from 1929 is everything. Understandably, it might be a little out of your price range, in which case this refurbished rotary phone from the 1940’s speaks to me. As does this 1973 2 line black desk phone. It’s less of a yell and more of a whisper, but it’s happening nonetheless.

If you’re more into expressing yourself via a colorful vintage phone you might want to go with this pink, wall mounted phone from 1963 or, if you’re totally over a rotary moment, allow me to throw this 1970’s Aqua touchtone phone into the mix. However, if you want to get really old school, you could go with this 1920’s Candlestick Phone. Chic. Also, I kind of die for this vintage French crystal phone.

As far as a modern phone goes, I have three words for you: Bang & Olufsen. The end.

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