Ask Babe: Starting School


I leave for college in less than 24 hours and the college I’m going to is in the middle of a national forest on the edge of Portland, OR. The architecture on campus is super chic and the cafeteria is completely vegan. But I don’t feel like I can channel my inner Babe at this school of super-activists who drink malt beers. Can you help me out?




Dear Granola Breath,

College is bullshit.

Remember,  just because you’re surrounded by people who “curate” nude poetry readings, don’t bathe, and roast their own coffee beans doesn’t mean you have to give in and start wearing homemade clothes. Take it from someone who attended five colleges in three years, finding a school that suits your very personal learning curve isn’t easy. Luckily, there are plenty of places that want your money, so just transfer until you get it right.

PS- The vegan cafeteria is major. Find whoever’s idea that was and befriend them immediately.

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