By The Pool, For The Pool, And Of The Pool.

When I woke up this morning to a text message from my masseuse canceling our bi-weekly deep tissue, I repeated the phrase “You are not your anger” fifty times into the mirror, and responded to her with the dictionary definition of the word “professionalism.”  Then I decided that if everyone around me was going to be an unreliable sloot I could be an unreliable sloot too, so I cancelled my day (lunch with dad), booked a private cabana at the W Westwood, and had my interns stand gaurd while I shopped online.

Remember, just because it’s mid-August doesn’t mean you should be recycling the same ensembles.  This is what I came up with today.

Lanvin V-Neck Swimsuit

This bathing suit obliterates the myth that one piece’s are only for fat people and those with skin diseases.

Tom Ford Margot Sunglasses

These are the sunglasses your grandmother wore after her melanoma diagnosis. They’re also totally having a moment this summer.

Missoni Belted Caftan

Every now and then I love a billowing, colorful Caftan. This one screams international.

Lanvin Necklace

Wearing something glamorous will get the attention of a really chic oil heir/potential future husband.

See. It’s never too late for a summer refresh. Just ask Lilo.


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