I’m thrilled with how my hair looks right now, which, as you all know, is the perfect time to fuck with it and make myself miserable.  Like Thinspo, Fitspo, etc., Hairspo is a collection of images meant to give you something to aspire to and the motivation to reach above and beyond what you thought was possible. (Meaning an unbearably chic haircut.)

There’s only a short list of people I allow to impress suggestions upon what I should do with my face and body, but they’re undeniably amazing, so there’s sure to be plenty of hairspo among them.

My Inspiration

Why not head to the source of my everyspiration for hair advice?

Okay, so, there’s a lot of other shit happening here, but hair-wise, it’s the “do nothing” method:  Just wrap that shit in a $300 rubber band and go.  That is certainly a form of wisdom, but… I can’t do much with that.  I’m going to keep looking.

My Boyfriend

Nothing’s more embarrassing than wearing a fresh, shiny blowout when your “better half” (ew, but really, yes) is like, 90’s grunge or something.  You want subtle symmetry at all times.

I kind of thought the undercut was over, but I guess it’s sort-of-kind-of in the process of coming back now?  I think this haircut needs to detox.  I think this haircut might be the gateway drug to Johnny Depp’s haircut.

My Everything

There hasn’t been much to be inspired by so far, but Beyonce’s hair game is unparalleled.  It cannot be stopped by length, thickness, depth of color, unnatural colors, styles, height, weight, girth, wind speed and/or velocity – even the forces of literal nature cannot slow it down.

Okay.  You know what, the body language is something new.  I could like this.  I might like this.  Finally, something worth looking at!

My Everything, Part II

Uh, so the pixie was I guess just a pit stop on the way to this new style…

Fuck everything.



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