Babe On Film: The First Wives Club

Is it getting chilly outside or am I just getting closer to my birth weight? Time to cozy up with an old friend…

I make it a point to keep at least one functioning VCR in my “non-clothing storage unit” at all times, so I can watch old movies the way they were meant to be seen. Call me crazy but there’s just something super chic about seeing movies from the 90’s on VHS.

Anyways, I recently re-watched this classic, which reminded me of everything I hate about 1997: shoulder pads, shoulders in general, chunky flip phones, flip phones in general, Sarah before Carrie, Dan Hedeya, and lesbian haircuts/leather jackets/answering machines. Despite being visually assaulted every time I watch this shit, it also  makes me laugh, cry and want to become a rich divorcee, every single time. I’ve never really believed in “inner beauty” before, but if it exists, I think that’s what’s going on with this movie.

So grab a Loro Piana cashmere throw, curl up next to your heinous electric fire and enjoy. This movie is the ultimate comfort food, minus the food part.



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2 responses to “Babe On Film: The First Wives Club”

  1. Anya Avatar

    I do that with Disney cartoons. Lion King. Makes me feel so cosy.

  2. Xtina Hoopstress Avatar
    Xtina Hoopstress

    VHS + VCR = Chic …noted

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