I Want To Have Sex With Both Of You

Something major is happening at Valentino. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli don’t make clothes, they make worlds. And right now, they’re making my entire world. I get that all relationships are two way streets, especially those that we have with the designers we love, so maybe this moment I’m having is more about where I’m at than where Valentino is at, but whatever it is I like it. No, I fucking love it.

In my humble opinion, you really only need to see one image today. So after reading this sentence, close your eyes for 30 seconds, mentally prep yourself for the the fact that the one meal you eat today will be digested not through your intestines but with your eyes, and then open them and have a good, hard look at this bitch —

Now close your eyes again and reach for your way back to bed or crawl under your desk (if you’re the type of person that works), and restrain from looking at anything else all day, until tomorrow. You can go back to sleep. You are now full. It’s a visual diet of the most resourceful variety. A little sheer, embroidered, multi-ethnic, floor-length Valentino regality goes a long way.

Good morning and Goodnight.







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