Ask Babe: Louis Louis

Dear Babe,

I’m obsessed with the crop top trend, but the only place that I’ve found with cute crop tops is Forever 21. There’s the problem. I don’t really wear Forever 21. Since the tweeny brands were carrying them, I began to worry that they might be a bit slutty (and not in a good way). But when I saw the Louis Vuitton 2014 spring/summer collection and the amazing crop tops in black lace and embroidery that they had there, I’ve had renewed hope in the trend. Until the LV collection is released in March, I have to settle for some other crop tops. What is your take on the crop top trend and Forever 21?? And do you know of any designers who have included pieces like that in current or previous collections?

P.S: How amazing was that Louis Vuitton collection?? All hail Marc Jacobs and his creative genius.



Cara Delevingne,

Much like you, I’m anxiously awaiting the entire Louis Vuitton s/s ’14 collection to be released in stores so that I can buy one of everything. I pretty much have to, because I borrowed one of the headdresses for a Halloween event I attended in LA at Marilyn Manson’s house and accidentally lit it on fire. So Marc, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry, but you’re never getting it back. Also I loved you in Disconnect.

Until you’re able to make some key purchases come March, I feel like there are several sartorial options out there that will allow you to embody the essence of what Marc offered up  to us last PFW. Like this top from Sass & Bide. You could wear it with or without a bra, but you should definitely opt for without. Or, if you’re wanting to go sans-bra in something more lacy, this Dolce & Gabbana top will do the trick. Or you go out on a total limb and sport a La Perla bodice. Love. If you’re needing a more traditional crop-top moment, then this Theyskens’ Theory piece is probably a good look. And I know this Sass & Bide top is white so it’s a bit off-brand, but I think it deserves an honorable mention for being chicer than the black one.

If you’re in the market for jeans to top off your ensemble, I’m obsessed with how horrifying these ones are. And these Gucci jeans are good if you’re looking for a built-in chain wallet effect, which might make you mentally unstable but whatever. It’s your life. However, if you want a basic boyfriend jean, these J Brand’s are it.

Being that it’s winter, you’re going to need a layer to protect your cropped midsection from the elements. I’m assuming you have lots of really chic leather jackets, but just in case you’re a total psycho, might I suggest you buy  this one by Phillip Lim for day,  this one by Lanvin for night, and this one by Balenciaga for when you’re over the other two.

I’m starting to get really tired, so I’ll keep your boot options short and sweet: Margiela, Chloe, Saint Laurent, Rachel Comey, Rag & Bone.

As far as a bag option goes, this mini bucket bag by Karl Lagerfeld is as good as it’s gonna get.

You’re going to have to accept that you’ll never  be able to find a headdress as magical as the LV one. Let that thought flow into and out of your mind like water babbling in a brook…or something. Namaste?

And please never say the following words to me again:

crop top


Forever 21

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