Modern Manners

Move over Emily Post, my bff Liv wrote this chic little book called Modern Manners with renowned etiquette expert/her grandmother Dorothea Johnson.  This book really speaks to me and I know it will speak to you too.  It’s everything you need to know and more about being polite, engaged, and confident in a wide variety of social situations, professional interactions, and juice bar interactions. Needless to say, I’ve already purchased copies for each of my interns, my father, the sales department at Barney’s, and Courtney Love. The world is just way too rude for you not to own this book.

So everybody thank Liv Tyler and her really polite grandmother Dorothea for writing this thing, and then immediately order ten copies for your rudest friend as an early Christmas gift. Trust me, spreading politeness is what the holiday season is all about, psychos.



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