A Day In The Life Of Me

A few weeks ago I was in NYC handling some business for my second book, and what would normally be classified as a really stressful day was made somewhat bearable thanks to my new favorite accessory. Even though I pride myself on being a very private person, there are moments when I feel like letting you psychos into my life:

Thank God everything turned out okay in the end. I don’t like to rage on Mother Nature. I have no choice but to blame winter for what was almost a devastating loss. Note to self: never travel anywhere suffering from temperatures below 65 degrees. Actually 70.

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  • Jenise Spiteri

    Way to sell out. So cheap.

  • Lia

    More videos :)

  • Xtina Hoopstress

    My mani looks alot like yours…

    • Xtina Hoopstress


  • Brittani

    Why did your editor say “Thanksies!”…. I had to immediately go shower

  • Emma

    I suddenly lost all respect for you. I had this idea of a Babe in my head and this video killed my fantasy: way below of my expectations. I will be in my sauna crying for two days until I believe in the world again.

  • Clearly

    I don’t know who the fuck this is, but it isn’t Babe Walker.

  • Lisa

    Where are you? Update! My life is losing meaning with each second you’re not there to guide me.

  • Anna B

    I don’t like the voice of the actress they used for Babe. She sounds like an ugly brunette with a big nose, uneven skin tone, and cheap highlights.