A Day In The Life Of Me

A few weeks ago I was in NYC handling some business for my second book, and what would normally be classified as a really stressful day was made somewhat bearable thanks to my new favorite accessory. Even though I pride myself on being a very private person, there are moments when I feel like letting you psychos into my life:

Thank God everything turned out okay in the end. I don’t like to rage on Mother Nature. I have no choice but to blame winter for what was almost a devastating loss. Note to self: never travel anywhere suffering from temperatures below 65 degrees. Actually 70.



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9 responses to “A Day In The Life Of Me”

  1. Jenise Spiteri Avatar
    Jenise Spiteri

    Way to sell out. So cheap.

  2. Lia Avatar

    More videos :)

  3. Xtina Hoopstress Avatar
    Xtina Hoopstress

    My mani looks alot like yours…

    1. Xtina Hoopstress Avatar
      Xtina Hoopstress


  4. Brittani Avatar

    Why did your editor say “Thanksies!”…. I had to immediately go shower

  5. Emma Avatar

    I suddenly lost all respect for you. I had this idea of a Babe in my head and this video killed my fantasy: way below of my expectations. I will be in my sauna crying for two days until I believe in the world again.

  6. Clearly Avatar

    I don’t know who the fuck this is, but it isn’t Babe Walker.

  7. Lisa Avatar

    Where are you? Update! My life is losing meaning with each second you’re not there to guide me.

  8. Anna B Avatar
    Anna B

    I don’t like the voice of the actress they used for Babe. She sounds like an ugly brunette with a big nose, uneven skin tone, and cheap highlights.

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