Ask Babe: Fitness?

Dear Babe,

I’m very thin but I think I should start working out. I don’t care about losing weight because I don’t need to, but I don’t really have much strength and I’m not that toned. I know from genetics that I’m always going to be thin, but I feel I still should be healthy. What kind of exercise do you think I should try?




Dear Mindy Kaling,

Saying that you’re “always going to be thin” is like saying you’re always going to be sixteen or you’re always going to be dating George Clooney: I’m sorry, but it won’t happen.

Therefore, in order to avoid a life full of fasting and organic desert weight loss retreats, the first thing you need to do is either immediately join a gym (the closest Equinox) or have someone design and build a freestanding one on your property.

Once completed, you should start looking for someone to guide you on your fitness journey. Keep in mind that choosing the perfect trainer is kind of like shopping, it’s intensely personal, you’re never satisfied, and you never really stop doing it. After a few months of working out with the same person I usually start to question their vision for my arms, freak out, cry, freak out again, yell at my Dad for giving me body issues, and then move on to looking for someone else. Trust me, the whole process is very subconscious, so just go with your instincts (or consult a Shaman).


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