Ask Babe: You Are What You Wear

Hey Babe,

I loved your post about what to wear at college. But what about during midterms and finals, when one is supposed to look comfortable? How can I avoid the uggs and yoga pants look while not looking like I’m trying too hard?

Love J****


Dearest Maharishi Guru Yogini,

Yoga pants should never be avoided…if you’re going to a fucking Yoga CLASS!!!!!!

Sometimes finding clothing options that are comfortable means finding pieces
that are not actually soft and cozy.  Find clothes that make you feel emotionally cozy and soft. If you look great/have tons of confidence, you will be at your personal coziest. Am I being clear? This is exam time that we are talking about. You need to feel confident/smart/hot/capable. If you look frumpy you will get a full letter grade lower than if you are looking chic. It’s been scientifically proven.

I understand you want to physically comfortable, but you can’t just let yourself go. There is a way to split the difference. I like these Free People Pleated Cozy (but not too cozy) Pants. They aren’t too restricting, but they can easily be dressed up. Alice and Olivia’s has a little stretchy guy that also fits into this category.

For Spring Finals I’d gear with something floral like this Marc Jacobs Botanical Number or something super bright and relaxed such as the Alexander Wang Wide Cut Leather Trousers. They’re hideous, but sometimes hideous is the chicest choice one can make.

Up top you need to be focused on form fitting-ness, tightness and sleekness. Go with Band Of Outsiders Cable Knit Sweater or the Marc by Marc Check Mesh Sweater. I have both and although I’ve never worn either, I just feel safer knowing that they’re in my closet. If it’s a fucking weather disaster like it is today in NYC, you mustn’t be left out in the cold with out something like this Theory Cashmere Boyfriend situation. Or you could go ham and just wear this in a snowstorm: Margiela Stretch Leather Body Suit.

Shoes should not be overlooked when it comes to an exam look. But again, if you’re going for a comfortable look I’d stick with a sneaker. This Comme des Garçons Chuck Taylor is never a bad choice, or you could step it up to something more transitional like a Saint Laurent Sneaky.

Good luck. God Speed.




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  1. ertyui Avatar

    how the fuck is that a leather body suit
    i feel like the pictures somehow aren’t bringin justice to the garment

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