Recipe Babe: Coconut Truffles

Although we’re still in the depths of January it’s never too early to starting thinking about shedding the pound you gained for winter, and recommitting yourself to your body fat and weight loss goals. Besides, since bikini season in California really starts in March, and because it’s almost February, it’s basically the first day of summer. So as my good dead for the month, I’m sharing this recipe for Coconut Truffles with you. Trust me, these are the perfect low calorie bite to satisfy your sweet tooth. They’ve also been scientifically proven by me, my staff, my Dad, and my Dad’s staff to substantially increase your ability to lose weight (if used as meal replacements).

Coconut Truffles

1 cup fresh coconut meat (about 2 coconuts)

1/4 cup of Truvia

1 cup Vita Coco coconut water

Cayenne pepper (to taste)

1 melon baller

Have someone whose hands are already calloused and rough remove the meat from the inside of two fresh coconuts, making sure to drain off all the excess liquid and thoroughly pat the pieces dry.  Pulse the coconut in your Vitamix approximately 15 times, until you’re left with a perfectly smooth, white lump-free, mixture.  Meanwhile, cook the Vita Coco and the Truvia on the stove over low heat, stirring occasionally until the mixture has reduced by half (approximately 10 minutes). Once cooled add to Vitamix and blend the batter on medium strength for about two minutes. Using the melon baller form the mixture into small balls, placing each one on a sheet pan covered with plastic wrap to avoid sticking. Let sit in the refrigerator for one hour. Sprinkle with cayenne to taste. 



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