Recipe Babe: Sunday Serenity

Since I don’t believe in brunch, church, football, or anything else that Americans do on Sundays, I use my “day of rest” to prepare for the upcoming week by cleansing myself of any remnants of toxic energy leftover from the weekend/previous week. While this process takes different forms depending on my emotional, physical, and astrological states it usually includes a marathon elliptical sesh, a Sahara-like sauna experience, a full body seaweed wrap, a trip to my Shaman, and a total reboot of my diet, starting with the following recipe for cucumber, lemon, and mint water. 

Sunday Serenity

5 Twelve Ounce Bottles of Hawaiian Deep Seawater

5 Cups Hawaiian Deep Seawater Ice Cubes

1 English Cucumber, Seeded and Sliced

7 Leaves of Fresh Mint

10 Lemons, Juiced (Preferably Meyer Lemons)

Muddle the mint leaves in the bottom of a glass or crystal pitcher until they are slightly bruised and have released their essential oils (gross, I know). Add in all five bottles of water, the sliced cucumbers, the lemon juice, the ice cubes and stir the mixture together vigorously. Allow to sit in the refrigerator for no less than 10 hours. Strain through a super fine sieve (or individual cocktail strainer) three times, until you’re left with a smooth, delicious, and fragrant delight. Serve cold. 

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