The Best Surprise Is A Leo Surprise

So last night I made a last minute decision to stay in, turn off my iPhone 5s, and treat myself to a private celebration of the upcoming publication of my new book.

After a huge dinner, which included three oysters on the half shell, a single piece of locally raised uni (google it), a glass of Dom Perignon, and an absolutely amazing joint, I swaddled myself in my favorite cashmere throw, decided not to respond to my 56 unread texts, and turned on the TV. Sometimes, you just have to get away from the world, and for me there is no better way to do this than getting stoned, ignoring all of your friends, and watching animals mate on Discovery Channel.

Anyways, during a commercial break I accidentally stumbled on my boyfriend, Leo who was making some kind of surprise appearance on SNL (unclear). Basically, the whole incident just reminded me how important it is to have a boyfriend who can surprise you, especially while you’re being uncomfortably harassed by Jonah Hill.

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