Ask Babe: Unclear College Fashions


I go to school with a bunch of bitches who only wear yoga pants/ sweatpants/Patagonia pullovers/ UGG slippers….gag. How do I stay chic without looking like a total eyesore among the totally un-chic clones?



Not-So-Basic Bitch,

From the sounds of it, your environment is very…relaxed, which makes me really sad because your school is probably in a “college town” where fashion is obsolete, much less appreciated. So as much as I want to tell you to wear only S/S ’14 Prada for the next two months, I won’t because chances are it will go right over people’s heads. Let’s begin.

Leather pants are your yoga pants. Rag & Bone makes great ones, and Helmut Lang always delivers the goods as well. I own 7 pairs of their stretch leather pants because I like to work out in them. More sweat = less water weight. If you’re anti-leather and wanting something more lounge-y, opt for these drawstring tapered pants by Derek Lam, or these slouchy, silk Alexander Wang pants instead.

Now repeat after me: Fur is the new fleece. This Helmut Lang bomber trumps a Patagonia monstrosity any day of the week. As does this fur trimmed puffer coat by Vince. And this Helmut Lang leather trimmed reversible fur jacket is so chic I actually can’t deal. Except I can because I just bought it yesterday. Actually I bought two. One in black and one in gray.

Cashmere is great for when you want to look totally comfortable (read: homeless) but remain somewhat presentable. This gray sweater could be a real winner for you, and this striped Vince pullover is fab as well. But if you’re more of a sweater dress kind of girl, this one should do the trick. I’m also not above a cashmere sweatpant, so long as it’s worn with the appropriate footwear. And by that I mean Céline skate shoes.

Speaking of footwear, wearing a great sneaker sends the message that you’ve worked out sometime in the last 2-4 hours, which is important in a college environment. I live and die for the Nike Flyknit Air Max, but if you’re into more of a low-key vibe, then these Nike Free 5.0’s are for you. Worn with a floral dress, the combo could be the perfect “I’m sporty and who gives a fuck” look. Especially when the weather gets warmer. Did I really just recommend wearing sneakers with a dress? Yes. Get over it. 

Honestly, the only time it’s appropriate to wear Uggs is never. So if you’re dying to step foot outside your house in some sort of Ugg-ish shoe, please slap yourself. Then wear these House of Harlow 1960 fur-lined booties instead. Or these fur-lined moto boots by Sartore. Then move to a city like New York or LA. Just kidding, don’t move to LA. There are Uggs everywhere here.



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8 responses to “Ask Babe: Unclear College Fashions”

  1. Heather P. Avatar

    As a college professor, I thank you for this post. I have the toughest time learning names because everyone looks like they stepped out of bed…or that photo you posted above. :-)

    If you want to stand out, but not too much – go for the basics, but in a funky print/color/material. I had a girl walk into class today in a sweatshirt, skinny jeans, and I don’t even remember what shoes – but here’s the amazing part: the sweatshirt was black, with two large, white zebras on it. It was adorable, comfortable, and best of all it stood out amongst the sea of faded hoodies and Victoria’s Secret yoga pants with words on the butt.

    Of the 175+ students I just met this week, she’s the only one whose name I’m going to remember tomorrow…because she chose to stand out and not give a s**t if people like her or not.

    If you’re trying to pull of cashmere on a college girl budget – try Uniqlo. Their sweaters are cheap as hell, come in a zillion colors, and really cozy. You won’t regret it!

    1. rara1982 Avatar

      i saw that zebra sweater at forever21 for anyone who is interested :)


    Well it would be wonderful to wear such high fashion but all the suggestions are not really in an everyday buyers budget :( I would love more realistically priced clothing suggestions!

    1. 1, 3, 5 Avatar
      1, 3, 5

      You could try Sears…..

  3. Amanda Avatar

    All excellent fashion advice, except for the fur. Fur = murder. No sweet little innocent bunny should be slaughtered so you can wear furry shoes. If you wanna wear faux for the look though, I’m all about it.

    1. Jeff Flack Avatar
      Jeff Flack

      Thank you Amanda! The fact that people still wear fur blows my mind! So upsetting!

  4. Jeff Flack Avatar
    Jeff Flack

    Support fur, great advice! What is wrong with you people? If you’re in a chill college town and think fashion is what’s important, maybe you should try going to college and get a higher education or move to some shit city and join the mindless models and fashion forward drones!

  5. Alexandra23 Avatar

    Wow, great post and great topic. This needed to be addressed.

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