Ask Babe: Unclear College Fashions


I go to school with a bunch of bitches who only wear yoga pants/ sweatpants/Patagonia pullovers/ UGG slippers….gag. How do I stay chic without looking like a total eyesore among the totally un-chic clones?



Not-So-Basic Bitch,

From the sounds of it, your environment is very…relaxed, which makes me really sad because your school is probably in a “college town” where fashion is obsolete, much less appreciated. So as much as I want to tell you to wear only S/S ’14 Prada for the next two months, I won’t because chances are it will go right over people’s heads. Let’s begin.

Leather pants are your yoga pants. Rag & Bone makes great ones, and Helmut Lang always delivers the goods as well. I own 7 pairs of their stretch leather pants because I like to work out in them. More sweat = less water weight. If you’re anti-leather and wanting something more lounge-y, opt for these drawstring tapered pants by Derek Lam, or these slouchy, silk Alexander Wang pants instead.

Now repeat after me: Fur is the new fleece. This Helmut Lang bomber trumps a Patagonia monstrosity any day of the week. As does this fur trimmed puffer coat by Vince. And this Helmut Lang leather trimmed reversible fur jacket is so chic I actually can’t deal. Except I can because I just bought it yesterday. Actually I bought two. One in black and one in gray.

Cashmere is great for when you want to look totally comfortable (read: homeless) but remain somewhat presentable. This gray sweater could be a real winner for you, and this striped Vince pullover is fab as well. But if you’re more of a sweater dress kind of girl, this one should do the trick. I’m also not above a cashmere sweatpant, so long as it’s worn with the appropriate footwear. And by that I mean Céline skate shoes.

Speaking of footwear, wearing a great sneaker sends the message that you’ve worked out sometime in the last 2-4 hours, which is important in a college environment. I live and die for the Nike Flyknit Air Max, but if you’re into more of a low-key vibe, then these Nike Free 5.0’s are for you. Worn with a floral dress, the combo could be the perfect “I’m sporty and who gives a fuck” look. Especially when the weather gets warmer. Did I really just recommend wearing sneakers with a dress? Yes. Get over it. 

Honestly, the only time it’s appropriate to wear Uggs is never. So if you’re dying to step foot outside your house in some sort of Ugg-ish shoe, please slap yourself. Then wear these House of Harlow 1960 fur-lined booties instead. Or these fur-lined moto boots by Sartore. Then move to a city like New York or LA. Just kidding, don’t move to LA. There are Uggs everywhere here.

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