Ask Babe: 2014 Valentine’s Edition


I’m single for Valentine’s day but I want chocolate… Is it too pathetic to buy myself some? Be honest.




Dearest Melissa McCarthy,

Please stop talking about chocolate. Please, please, please, please. You need pull yourself together.

Here’s what we’re going  to do: Shop. It’s the best way to put a smile on the face of a single girl. Plus, if you’re buying clothes it will make you stop thinking about eating chocolate, or anything for that matter. The “single girl” look should be one of power, while maintaing an air of relaxation. You don’t want to come across looking desperate for love, so you need to be giving the world a confident vibe with your sartorial approach.

Combining a Power Suit Jacket with Stripped Cotton Jersey Sweater GuyDenim Shorts and this Sunglasses Situation is a good start if you plan on going out and being in the presence of someone you want to fuck (or who would want to fuck you). It will let others know that you take yourself way to seriously to not take yourself too seriously. Ya know?

If you are planning on hanging at home then you could go for a more relaxed ensemble. I’m really loving A.P.C. right now. What’s not to love. It’s French, it’s chic and it looks great on. My relax vibe is the A.P.C. Flannel Pants and A.P.C. Leopard Print Hoody with this Cotton T or this Cashmere T (if you live in a cold climate).  You haven’t lived until you’ve worn a cashmere T. Seriously.

Sorry your single though. 

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