Ask Babe: Boyfriend Jeans


Boyfriend jeans- chic or fugly?




I like to leave the wearing of boyfriend jeans to my boyfriends and 90’s celebrities, because personally, that kind of denim look just isn’t for me. Why would I ever want to wear an article of clothing that makes me feel fat/like a lesbian painter? Some girls can get away with them, but I think the rule of thumb should be: Don’t even. However, I get that you are on your own fashion journey, so if you are going to insist on being a slop fest then you should probably go the vintage Levi’s route. Those are at least kind of “cute” without trying too hard. And for God’s sake, make sure the rest of your outfit has at least one or two knockout statement pieces. I feel like a good silhouette for bf jeans is a heel/bomber jacket combo. For example, one of the Balmain bomber jackets from S/S ’14 would take even the most saggy pair of jeans to the next level. Good luck actually getting your hands on one, though. They’re sold out everywhere. I had to threaten to kill someone at Net-A-Porter over the phone in order to have them put three aside for me. Saint Laurent also has a bomber that’s worth killing someone over, as does Marc by Marc Jacobs. When it comes to heels, I think you should opt for something a little tacky. I mean, you’re already wearing a pair of jeans that makes you look like you’re wearing a diaper underneath them, so what do you have to lose? These bejeweled Miu Miu heels are amazing/trashy as fuck, and these Saint Laurent pumps are so gross I’m obsessed. If you’re into a more open-toe option, Balenciaga has a good pair of mules, but just make sure you’ve been doing your calf-raises. You don’t want a Kim K. cankle scenario on your hands.

What about you psychos? Do you ever deign to wear boyfriend jeans? And if so, what the fuck do you wear with them?



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