Ask Babe: Mantra?


Hey Babe,

what’s your mantra?

Xoxo S******


Dear Maharishi,

The first thing a guru tells you after giving you a mantra is that you mustn’t ever tell anyone what that mantra is. If you do, you will be punished with bad skin and a slowing metabolism. Trust me you do not want to fuck with a guru. I’ve tried, it never ends pretty and you always end up looking like an A-hole.

Wish I could tell you mine because it’s amazing and I’m pretty sure it’s what has driven me to all of my success over the past few years. Including the time I accidentally boarded Leo’s Yacht in the Med.

Even thought I can’t tell you mine, I’d be happy to give you one of your own. I fancy myself a bit of a Guru anyway.   So here goes. Hope this helps you:

 Never trust a woman in kitten heels




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  1. K Avatar

    I’m a fan of the classic “Your problem is not my problem”

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